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Your Moondust piece has been crafted with love and care and designed to meet the highest standard of quality.

Here are a few tips and tricks for caring for your new piece.

Mala Care
Mala Break


To preserve the colour and quality of the gemstones, when not worn we suggest storing your jewelry piece out of the sun as constant sun exposure can fade certain gemstones over time. An ideal place for storage is in a dry dark place such as the pouch it comes in or a jewelry box.


All of our silver accents we use in our pieces are oxidized silver, meaning parts of the silver accent is intentionally left to darken and oxidize to make them stand out. Overtime silver will naturally darken and sometimes turn a yellowish brown colour (sterling silver will not turn your wrist/neck/finger green), the more you wear your piece the less the silver will darken. Increased humidity and moisture, direct sunlight exposure, sunscreen/lotions, perfumes and house hold cleaners can all be contributing factors in expediting the discolouration of your silver. To preserve the sterling silver accents we recommend periodically cleaning them with a silver polishing cloth (can be purchased at any Walmart store) and avoid the use of liquid silver cleaners as this can damage the gemstones and will remove the oxidized parts of the silver. It is best to take off your Moondust piece when swimming or sunbathing.


Mala’s are beautiful necklaces that are used to set intentions, meditate or simply wear for beauty and positive energy. Our Mala necklaces are traditionally hand knotted with 108 beads and a Guru bead on silk thread, and some are finished with a silk tassel.

To extend the beauty of your Mala we recommend avoiding contact with water or wearing during vigorous exercise and hot yoga.

Storing your Mala in the provided pouch or in a jewelry box will avoid prolonged hanging that can pull and break down the natural thread.
We also recommend periodically polishing the silver accents to brighten and return them to their original shine.

Setting Intentions for your Mala

Although your Mala already contains stones designed to help you manifest your intentions, it is a good idea to 'activate' your Mala beads before wearing them to ensure they are connected with your energy and intention. Here are some simple steps to take for setting intentions for you Mala:

                   1. Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed and sit in a comfortable seated position

                   2. Hold your Mala in your hand, take a deep breath and take sometime to look within and think of what you want to 

                       achieve, what are you hoping to manifest with your Mala. 

                   3. Once you have chosen your intention, visualize it completely and take a deep breath and say your intention/mantra

                       out loud, while projecting the intention into the object in your hand. Do this a few times, as long as you feel right.

                   4. Holding the Mala in your hands, bring your hands to your Heart Chakra (heart area) and imagine a beautiful white

                       light of loving energy flowing into your Mala.

                   5. Then bring your Mala to your Crown Chakra (just above the eyebrows) and think of sending your intention into your


                   6. Put your Mala on and wear it daily as a reminder of the intentions you have set. Every time you wear it, touch it or

                       even look at it, and you will be reminded of the intention you set within it and can focus your efforts on bringing that

                       intention to life.

You may also want to meditate with your Mala, as bringing constant focus to the intentions set, helps you put them out into the universe and manifest them. Once you feel that your intention has been fulfilled or it no longer serves your soul’s purpose, you may reprogram your Mala with a different intention, using the steps above.

Mala Break

Malas are lovely reminders of our journey, intentions and our mantras, and there is a beautiful symbolism why a Mala breaks.

A broken Mala is meant to symbolize a broken karmic cycle - meaning that you've made progress in your life or you have learned something and you no longer 'need' that Mala. It is a sign to bring new intentions into your life as your current ones no longer serve you. We recommend that you release the intention associated with the broken Mala and reflect on what purpose the Mala has served and what intentions have been met.

At Moondust we believe in repairing the karmic cycle for you if you feel like your Mala has not served its purpose for the intentions you have set. Please contact us for any re-stringing requests at and for information on our Mala warranty, please click here.


One way to freshen up a worn tassel on your Mala (all of our tassels are made with silk string) is by lightly wetting the tassel, combing it out while damp and leaving it overnight to dry on a flat surface. While wet, you may also want to trim any frayed tassel ends with sharp scissors.


Lunar energy helps cleanse and charge stones, the moon's light is brightest and energetically strongest during the full moon. The ideal time to set  out your gemstones is just after sunset. Set out your gemstone pieces outside on a deck or in a bowl, if this is not an option put them near a window where they will get direct moonlight, and remove them the next morning after sunrise.

Bathe in Moonlight

Burn sage (or palo santo wood) and run your gemstones through the smoke, remember to open up a window while smudging. In addition to the ritual cleansing of a space, sage can also clear airborne bacteria and it is believed to be associated with increased wisdom, clarity and spiritual awareness. Once you are done the best way to extinguish your smudge stick is by pressing the burning surface firmly against a fireproof bowl or stone, or in dirt/sand.

To draw out impurities, place your gemstones on top of a self cleansing Selenite crystal and let the gemstone piece sit for 24 hours to draw out impurities.


Crystal on Crystal

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